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Dear Doug & Michelle,

You are terrific! You can imagine the anxiety of trying to select a competent realtor from a distance, a real roll of the dice at best. But, your positive attitude and amazing response during the initial telephone interview convinced us that we had found the Best. You did not disappoint. In fact, you exceeded our expectations in so many ways.

Our objectives were to help our parents purchase a new home that was handicap accessible and sell their existing home. Because of the effects of Dad's stroke we knew we had to find a Realtor who was understanding and patient. You were amazing in handling our parents and helping them make these life changing decisions. We could not have accomplished this without you two wonderful people!

You impressed us time and again. Your knowledge of the real estate market helped us achieve our goals. Thank you for helping us get the asking price for our parents home. Thank you for helping them find the perfect new home that met all of our criteria. Thank you for answering the same question ten times. Thank you for seeking to understand Mom and Dad's needs. Thank you for representing us and our interested with the sellers and buyers. Thank you for the advise and candor. Thank you for the contractor referrals, scheduling of workers and inspectors. Thank you for representing us so effectively at the closings and all the special service you gave that was far beyond the call of duty. Thank you for being as interested in the success of our real estate transactions as we were. You shared our concerns and our joys. Thanks!

Well, I fail to express your exemplary abilities and how wonderful you are to work with. But, in our years of buying and selling real estate we have never had such quality representation. You're the greatest!

Lamar & Judy Hamilton
Core Vision, Inc.
10583 Lee Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55347
Phone (952) 829-0651
Fax (952) 829-0712

I am writing this letter on behalf of  Doug and Michelle Bry, realtors for Coldwll Banker - Sunstar Realty, Inc.

Doug and Michelle are very efficient and well organized in everything they do.  They are very creative in their marketing, not only mailing beautiful brochures to clients and fellow realtors, but they also do excellent advertising on the internet.  Doug and Michelle go out of their way to find the "home of your dreams" for you.  They spend time talking with you to see what your needs are and they also give of themselves freely to show you what you want.  They truly work good together and their abilities are outstanding.

They found us our new home and sold our old home all within one month!  Whether you are buying or selling your home, you will never find a couple more dedicated to meeting your needs.  I highly recommend Doug and Michelle Bry!

Jennings and Lois Millsaps
1161 Alton Road, Port Charlotte, FL, 33952

Dear Doug & Michelle:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a very professional,
thorough & exhaustive search for our new home. From my first contact with you,
6 months prior to our purchase, through the closing, we couldn't have been

The flow of information on Port Charlotte and the house information you
emailed us back in Atlanta was great in helping us decide exactly what we
could expect for our money in the Port Charlotte area. Then knowing that our
buying trip was short and time of the essence, your email showing us the 15
houses that you had setup viewing appointments for us, was most helpful in
our preparation.

I know that me being a realtor in Atlanta didn't make your jobs any easier.
You both handled our three simultaneous offers like champs. In just 3 short
days in Port Charlotte we left with the house of our dreams. Today, when
someone asks us how we found our secluded home, we tell them, "We could
never have done it without or Realtors, Michelle & Doug Bry".

Thanks again for all your help. Kay and I are sure you will have a very
successful career in Real Estate. Your knowledge of the area, real estate
law, your caring attitude and your extraordinary computer skills will serve
you well.

Best regards,
Kay and Bill McLeod
3069 Stone Street
Port Charlotte FL 33981

Dear Don,  ( Donald Randolph, Owner, Sunstar Realty )

Doug and Michelle Bry are real "Pros".  We live in Fort Lauderdale and know very little about the real estate market in Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte.  Doug and Michelle possess a unique knowledge of that area, combined with professionalism and caring, which sets them apart from the "masses".  They readily grasped our Real Estate requirements and went to work matching them.  What started out as "house hunting" ended with a "water lot" purchase and the personal introduction to several quality builders in the area.

There weren't many questions or concerns Doug and Michelle couldn't answer.  If not, they quickly went to the correct sources and found the information to answer them.  It is a pleasure and a rare experience to work with the Brys.

A "big" thanks to both of them.

Bob Cipolla and Sandi Cabeza

  " Doug and Michelle were very courteous and saw to our every need when helping us find the perfect home.  We will, without hesitation, refer other interested home buyers to Doug and Michelle.  We will certainly contact them when we are in the market for another home.  Thank you Doug and Michelle for your excellent, professional service."

Hope this helps you in the future.  You two are great and we mean every word of it.
Thanks again, Jason and Angel
--- Jason Dombrowsky

When we found out that we would be transferring to another part of Florida we knew we would have to sell our house in Port Charlotte.  We began the process by interviewing several realtors in the area.  When we talked to Doug and Michelle we knew that we did not have to talk to anyone else.  They handled the sale of our house in every aspect.  We really didn't have to do anything except sign the papers.  Since moving to another area of Florida we have started looking at houses to buy and good realtors to deal with.  Almost a year later we have not found either.  Doug and Michelle we wish you were here.

Thank you for everything that you did for us.

Tim and Connie Miller
4306 Shadow Wood Lane
Winter Haven, FL 33880

We have seldom worked with such professional and accommodating agents as Doug and Michelle Bry.  They actually listened to what we were looking for and how much we could afford then showed us homes that qualified.  They didnít try to sell us something we couldnít afford and checked for new listings daily.

 We were in contact with Doug and Michelle long distance by both phone and e-mail before we met them personally.  They suggested a mortgage lender that pre-approved our loan and provided the easiest mortgage closing we have ever witnessed.  Doug and Michelle handled everything for us in Port Charlotte after we had left.

 We would highly recommend anyone looking for property in the Charlotte County area to contact Doug and Michelle.  If you donít you will miss a very pleasant opportunity.

David & Judy Parker
Coeur díAlene, Idaho

Dear Doug & Michelle Bry:  Thank you so much for helping us find the house we
always wanted in Florida.  We tried many times with other agencies and found
your help the best of all.  Your tireless efforts and your availability to us
to help us find a house and also after through all the endless details needed
before closing, you were always there for us and we appreciated it.  We
closed on our house from N.J. and didn't even have to fly down.  We are now
happily retired in our new home in sunny Florida and loving it.  Thanks so
Larry & Diane

When we were planning to relocate to Florida from Illinois, we had the good fortune to have Doug and Michelle Bry from Coldwell Banker, Sunstar Realty, Inc. as our realtors.  We told them our wants, don't wants and price range. They did more than was expected of them in helping us find our house and making sure all of the paper work was completed on time for us to make our move.  We now reside in a lovely house that meets our needs in an area that we wanted to live in.

If ever the day comes when we need a realtor you can be sure we will again call Doug and Michelle.

Paul and Dorothy Bogda
Port Charlotte, Florida

Doug and Michelle were the buyers representative when my wife and I bought
waterfront property in the summer of 2000. Michelle handled all the
negotiations and purchase agreement details deftly even though I live 1700
miles away. If she was out of the office when I called, Doug was always
available to deal with my concerns. I was so satisfied that when asked by
friends about whom I dealt with I referred them to the Brys. My friends
had the same level of satisfaction with their purchase. Bruce C. of Mpls, MN.

Due to an unusual set of circumstances, the most critical of which being Doug and Michelle Bry's expertise as a team of real estate agents, we were able to purchase in record time and at a fair price the exact Florida home we had identified after eight months of Internet research conducted from Cleveland, Ohio.
We began looking on the Internet for our new retirement home in Florida in May of 2000.  At the beginning of our search, we had almost no knowledge of Southwest Florida.  So, we labored for months with various Internet sites and accumulated an extensive library of real estate information on an area stretching from Ocala to Fort Myers.  Finally, in September 2000 we fixed a date for a combined 10-day vacation and on-site search in January 2001, right at the onset of the peak real estate season.  Then we contacted several real estate agents in the areas of interest to us.
After receiving preliminary information from various agencies and adding them to our previous pool of data, we began finalizing our criteria and eliminating the weaker locations and agencies.  Through this gradual and tedious process, we narrowed the locality of interest further down and made our final selection of real estate agency in mid-October 2000.  The team of Doug and Michelle Bry won our business over a field of about half-a-dozen potential contenders.
There were two main factors that influenced our final selection of a real estate agency.  First, there was the locality we seemed to favor most after giving due consideration of all the demographic data we had digested: Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and North Port.  Second, there was the unparalleled Internet expertise demonstrated by Doug and Michelle Bry, combined with the level of attention they were willing to give us from the very start.  They were the only team technically capable of keeping up with our methodology and thoroughness of research.  Their website was always the most complete and current one, even during the chaotic transition period when the multiple listing system (MLS) was being totally revamped in the area.  And, as we later learned, many of the other agencies in the Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and North Port area relied heavily on Doug and Michelle's website for their own business activities during this frustrating period of time.
As January 2001 and the time of our 10-day on-site visit approached, we prepared a ranked list of 28 potential homes which we sent to Doug and Michelle to plan our tour.  They added 5 more homes that met our specifications and became available in the last few days before our arrival in Florida.  Thanks to our thorough knowledge of both the community and the housing market acquired through the Internet, Doug and Michelle were able to schedule 33 homes for us to visit in the short time span of 2 days.  In fact, our Internet research proved to be so complete and accurate that our deliberation process with each of the homes we visited was extremely easy.  There were almost no surprises -- an amazing credit to the power of the Internet and the completeness of Doug and Michelle's listings.  As a result, by the end of our second day on site we were able to make an acceptable offer on the No.1 home we had selected even before coming to Florida.
As Doug and Michelle Bry expressed to us on the third day of our visit, "the outcome of this case was very unusual."  We owe it to both our own thoroughness of preparation and to Doug and Michelle's extraordinary expertise as a team of real estate agents.  And since we successfully concluded our home purchase so early, we were able to enjoy eight full days of vacation -- double the amount of time we had anticipated, which added even more to our enjoyment of the experience.
Syl and Pat Jean-Baptiste

We got tired of the very fast paced life in New York. We wanted a quieter lifestyle where we can actually not put a time on family time. We decided to visit Sarasota and Punta Gorda based on articles we've read about their being the best place to raise a family. Since we really wanted a complete quiet environment, we thought Sarasota was a bit to busy for us. We were just about to give up relocating to Florida, when we decided to contact Michelle. Michelle was very pleasant and thus convinced us to check out Punta Gorda. She knew what we were looking for and took us to a country setting that reminded us of the movie "Oklahoma". We and our children are very happy to be Punta Gorda residents thanks to Michelle and Doug.

We'll keep in touch Michelle and thank you for everything.


    Having been a Real Estate Broker for many years in the state of Colorado, I fully appreciate your dedication to do the right job for your clients.  I consider it difficult for a realtor to deal with both the buyer & seller fairly, however with honesty and integrity, with consideration for both parties the difficulty evaporates.
    I appreciate the fact that you people have these qualities and both Loretta and I thank you two for handling the sale of property just the way we think it should be handled.
    We will continue to recommend you whenever we have the opportunity.

                                                                                                    Bob & Loretta Hunt

Super Super People!~~!
Thanks to these two Outstanding people, We did a major move from out of state that seemed almost effortless. Doug and Michelle are Top Notch at what they do in taking care of their clients. They were there to answer all of our real estate needs and they will go the extra mile. Trust me!
   Shane & Ann McClelland

After spending over 10 yrs. in Florida we decided to sell our Pt. Charlotte
home. Not having any dealing with a real estate company we picked a well
known one. We were very fortunate to have a husband and wife team to market
our home. They did a great job and it sold very fast. If you ever think or
selling or purchasing a home I fully recommend Doug and Michelle Bry with
RE/MAX Harbor Realty who will help you on any of your needs.
I do miss going to Florida and our little home we had there.

Sincerely. Bernie Setzco
e-mail --- setzco@aol.com Leominster or Bsetzco@aol.com New Hampshire